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Trending Knols - New Knol Identified - 30.5.2010

Trending Knols

New Trending knol 38 pv in the first hour

New Knol - Green Cities and Towns of India - Green Certification of Indian Cities and Towns

Green Cities and Towns of India - Green Certification of Indian Cities and Towns

The new knol is posted by Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao on rating exercise in India.

125 th knol Author with 100,000 page views

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

On 29.5.2010, Dr. J.Resneck's knol portfolio registered 100,000 cumulative page views. In this month he is the second person to achieve this distinction after we started monitoring it. Tomorrow one more author will cross this milestone. Next month many more will cross this finish line. Great going for knol.

Delicious Bookmarks for Knol and Knols Submitted During the Last One Month

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Recent Twitter Messages About Knol In the Last 24 Hours

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Trending Knols Updated

Trending Knols Updated 29.5.2010

Knol Author News 29.5.2010

Knol Author News

Monday, May 24, 2010

Knol Author News 25.5.2010 Posted

Knol Author News

The new edition posted

Knol Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors

Knol Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors

Social media button installed on the knol. This knol has discussions regarding knol and various issues related to knol including some critical statements. But a discussion board that endured and progressing. Its archives are a must reading for any future historian of Knol. The concept started by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. The whole work of formatting the board and archiving was done by Kalle Schwarz. And there are many authors who participated in the discussions including knol managers.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Knol Authors Are Active and Creating Trending Knos

New Knol Authors are joining.
Authors are creating number of knols. There are many authors who posted more than 100 knols.
Every day some knols are becoming popular on the first day itself. They are the trending knols of the day.
Knol Author News is being compiled. Number of authors are participating in this exercise.
Page views are increasing for many authors.
Many authors are going complete 100,000 page views for their knol portfolios - A significant milestone.

It is time Google sends backs some persons to take care of author relations, knol marketing and knol platform maintenance. Authors want to know who are these persons and would like to be assured that appropriate measures are being taken to grow knol.

Trending Knols of 23.5.2010

Trending Knols

Trending Knols identified and posted.

Congratulations to authors of trending knols.

Knol Author News 23.5.2010 published

Knol Author News

Why Knol Authors Are writing Knols?

Visit: for some of the views.

The latest view is expressed by Peter Mersch, in a discussion on Knol Discussion Board ( ) under the topic Yahoo's acquisition of an article platform - Implications for Knol started by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. in May 2010.

"I found some very interesting people here. I hope that I can stay in contact with them.

Also I'm getting now much more emails regarding to my publications about evolutionary theory and the family situation. Obviously I can reach much more people by Knol than by books. Knol definitely had potential. There is a need for a platform like Knol. If they would continue, I even would let translate my main articles into English by the beginning of next year."

Knol Authors' - Knollers' Endeavor and Excitement

Knol Authors' - Knollers' Endeavor and Excitement

Why Knol Authors writing on knol?

Popular Knols - Articles - Essays - Papers in Business Management

Popular Knols - Articles - Essays - Papers in Business Management
Knol updated with many more essays written by many management professionals, professors and students. Still many more essays are to be added.

Browse knol frequently to get the benefit of the best articles on knol.

Knol Support Services - A BPO Opportunity

Knol Support Services - A BPO Opportunity

Knol may have business processing services opportunity for lowering it costs. BPO organizations or new entrepreneurs can explore a business opportunity with Google in this regard.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Knol Author News - New Edition

Knol Author News

Knol Author News New Edition is ready for reading.

Knol Visitors Give Thumbs up to Trending Knols

Trending Knols

Trending knols list is getting very good support from knol visitors. It is facilitating their study of most popular knols in one page. It is helping authors a lot. They are able to see the current best performing knols and benchmark their knols to them. Many of these knols are by active authors and interaction is assured because of that. Also, inclusion of a knol in trending knols motivates authors to actively engage with the knol platform. It is a good idea to create excitement among knol authors and visitors.

Knol is Quality Platform - The Argument

Valuation of Knol - Google's Wiki Article Platform

The above article is dealing with the issue.

Workrave - Must for Knol Authors

Workrave - Must for Knol Authors

Software to avoid RSI

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Valuation of Knol - $10 Million

Valuation of Knol - Google's Wiki Article Platform

Knol Updated.

The current knol valuation depends upon the investment of Google in it. Then Google knol has a quality premium. There is a lot of hidden potential in Knol. Contributions and page views can both explode once Knol management takes up recruiting authors and social media promotion as important activities on knol.

Knol Author News - 20.5.2005

Knol Author News

Valuation of Knol - 10 Million Dollars?

The announcement that Yahoo is acquiring (AC) for an estimated $100 million raises the question of valuation of knol.

I made a proposal for a valuation of $10 million. The estimate is intuitive and the qualitative argument for comparative valuation is being developed in a knol (article). Knol readers are being invited to express their opinions so that the valutation estimate can be refined by incorporating their beliefs and forecasts.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trending Knols

Trending Knols

Knol updated. You will find the popular knols of the day, week and month in this knol. We will include longer durations also. But our focus is on highlighting shorter durations.

Trending Knols - Itself a Trending Knol

Trending Knols is today a trending knol itself.

Trending Knols

Knol Author News - Updated 18.5.2010

Knol Author News

Knol updated with details of some top authors of various languages. In each language a top author has emerged with good number of page views.

Knol Author News

A new initiative by authors on knol. These days, knol authors are active and launching various initiatives.

Knol Author News

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Knol is a Democratic Platform

Peter Greenfinch, a prominent knol author showed the weakness of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not democracy. Only one view is supposed to exist on Wikipedia. But not so on knol. On an issue of enquiry, if multiple views are there, they exist as separate knols and readers can read all of them.

This is what is called academic freedom. Each faculty member is free to pursue and publish his research (theories) and disseminate it to his students as well as the entire society through various platforms.

Readers can read more about the discussion on Knol Author Bulletin Board. After some time I shall post the details in this blog also.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Knol Writing Contest - May - July 2010

Knol Author Foundation announced a writing contest. New knols written during May - July 20101 can be submitted to the contest during May - July 2010.


a. Knol: the perspectives of this platform of knowledge
b. What do you think the Future will bring?
c. How can you protect the Environment around you?
d. What kind of a future world I would like to happen?
e. Any other interesting subject.


1. To be eligible knols would need to be written between May 1 and July 31.

2. 3 months would give a chance for everyone to write.

3. Knol should be written in English. Future contests could involve other languages.

4. An author who enters the contest should automatically become a KAF member, unless s/he wants to enter the contest without getting the KAF membership .

a. Knol: the perspectives of this platform of knowledge
b. What do you think the Future will bring?
c. How can you protect the Environment around you?
d. What kind of a future world I would like to happen?
e. Any other interesting subject.

See for more details

Friday, May 14, 2010

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Author Campaign

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Author Campaign is in full swing.
After the campaign started the first author already crossed the milestone. The author is knol foundation.

More authors are being contacted and alerted about the potential. Other authors are also being asked to support the potential authors. Knol directory is being updated.

This is a good initiative and will help Knol to close July 31 with some special achievement.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many Knol Authors to Cross 100,000 Page View Milestone

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

Knol Foundation
99,809 knols

Costas Bougalis

Jack Resneck, Jr, MD

Ricardo Adam

Jay M. Pasachoff


Mohanad Abadalla
92149 page views
2732 weekly page views
131 to 140

Chemistry knol book
92,015 page views
2645 weekly page views.


Miloš Havlíček

Lanny M

Michael Janusa
Coauthor of Glenn

Matt Bacak

United Church of God

Gary Pilarchik

Wlodzimierz Holsztynski
87,895 cpv
1151 weekly page views

عبدالرحيم المضيان
87327 page views
3216 weekly page views

Bloggers are slowly recognizing knol

Knol is slowly getting some positive comments in blogs. The traffic to knol is also increasing day by day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Specialist Authors on knol

There are many knol authors with completed Ph d and many are research scholars. The article written by them in their field of specialisation are worth reading by laymen as well as people of those fields.

Directory of specialist authors

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Want to know recently active knol authors

have a look at

Recently Active English Knol Authors - 2010

Many great professionals writing on knol

On knol many professionals with big achievements are writing articles. Knol has provided a very good technical platform for persons interested in communicating their knowledge. The opportunity is being utilized by some early adopters.

More and more experts will recognize and use knol.

Some Specialist Knol Authors
Knol authors with Special academic and professional backgrounds and achievements