Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knol is back in News

The search engine on knol is not working. Authors are still able to edit their own knols and write new knols. Visitors are able to access knols through engines. But Knol is getting good publicity (amount of publicity) and bad publicity because of the outing. Why bad publicity? Because for quiet sometime people are quiet about Knol. Now they got a chance to write.

But on Knol things are improving in terms of new knols posted.

Knol is Fine

Knol has a problem for the last 24 hours. Its search engine is not working. So within Knol users are not able to search and find knols. There are number of lists created using search results. All of them are not functioning. But still authors are able to open new knols and writ new articles. As authors' personal lists are accessible there are able to edit their old knols. Visitors are not able read knol collections. But visitors are accessing normal text knols.

So there is bug and there is a problem. Some persons are taking advantage of this problem to give their message once again. Problems on Knol. But things have improved on Knol in the recent days, According to Quantcast, page views have improved in the last quarter. Number of knols posted arenow close to 1000 on many days with peak number of 1400. 4000 academicians have registered on Knol and 2000 of them have posted knols. Country information knol books is an exciting project on Knol. This is in addition to subject knol books. Areas like videogames and pc games are becoming popular on Knol.

So Knol is doing fine as an open wiki-based predominantly academic platform. Minor website problems need not be used for creating panics.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1066 New Knols Posted

Yesterday 1066 news knols were posted at one tine in the last 24 hours. Knol is attracting many new authors and large number of new knols are being posted these days. Knol is basically a learning material platform and one looks forward to more and more informative articles in the platform. Contributors have to note that the basic focus of the platform and post appropriate articles.

Also they need to promote their articles by sending emails, submitting them to various collections within knol and informing their knol through twitter, orkut, facebook etc.