Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wiki-Blogger Needed

I think now that Google decided to close knol as an independent Google product with a slogan Knol is not a blog. It is appropriate that it gives the knol platform to blogger and call it as wiki-blogger. The url of the knols can be changed to While scientific journals like PLOS may not be interested in being part of wikiblogger and hence will go many of the authors would be happy to go to Wiki-blogger. I think the Google will notice the idea if more knol authors are in favor of it.

Knol authors have to make the suggestion and advocate it vigorously. As a Wikiblogger, the platform will get the support of millions of bloggers. Actually bloggers were offended when Knol was started with the slogan Knol is not a blog implying bloggers are not welcome on Knol.

Change it to Wikiblogger and give it Blogger management. Wikiblogging and mobile blogging are the modern tools and Blogger has to offer both to its members.

About Annotum

Crowd Favorite on Annotum

Crowd Favorite developed the Annotum authoring platform

Annotum publishing platform - Presentation on Annotum by Solvitor on slideshare

Monday, November 7, 2011

Knol being appreciated by Professors

Knol, the article publishing platform of Google is getting appreciated by various professors and professionals. Medical community recognized the utility of Knol by nominating Knol as a platform on which its conference papers can be hosted. A group of professors presented their use of Knol in conducting management courses and were awarded first prize/Gold medal for innovation in pedagogy by Association of Indian Management Schools. Now, Fred Feldon a faculty member of Coastline Community College is making a presentation in a mathematics conference on the use of Knol in learning mathematics through peer review and sharing.

Presentation of Fred Feldon

Google Knol is slowly acquiring more and more admirers.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

MBA - Management Knowledge Revision Guidebook on Knol

Knowledge workers need to revise and refresh their knowledge. But there are no good support books to do this activity easily and comfortably. On Knol, a project to provide articles that support revision of MBA program was started in July 2008. This project has come to a stage wherein the collection of articles can be presented to MBAs as Guidebook that helps them in their revision task.

Simultaneously Engineering and Management News was started on to provide the latest developments in Management to MBAs. The combined resource will keep MBAs proficient in both basic management concepts and current development and thinking in Management.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Knol is now a Top 1000 Ranked Website

Knol now has an estimated 5.9 million unique visitors per month. Its rank is now above 1000 in websites ranked on unique visitors per month. The estimate is arrived on the formula that global numbers are 100 times that of a top authors. Around 35,000 authors are there on Knol.

The article Knol is now a top 1000 website

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today Knol has reached a new milestone

Knol ( has grown into the top 1000 web platforms.

Press Release by Knol Author Foundation

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

knol has great traction - Million page views for authors

Google's Knol platform has great traction. Knol authors' page views are increasing steadily over the years. Today an author reported monthly page views 83,472 which means in the next one year, this author will have one million page views. This author reported one million cumulative page views already on Knol and now is looking forward to the second million in the next one year. Actually the page views next year may be still more as there is an increasing trend in page views every month due to increase in content as well as popularity of Knol among online readers.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

About Knol - Facilities and Features on Knol

Knol for Knowledge Management

Knol racing towards Top 1000 ranking.
Presently unique monthly visitors 5.3 million estimated.
Monthly visitors 6 million estimated.
Articles on the platform 600,000

More information about knol

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Congratulations - Knol Authors

There are some twitter messages today. Knol still lives?

This message is in response to

Yes, Knol is going forward and growing. So far in this year, 200,000 new knols posted. By year end we will see 300,000. May be next year we will see 500,000. Knol is attracting many new authors.

Page views and visitors are increasing. We estimate 5.23 million unique visitors per month. Momentum is very good and we will reach 6.2 million in two or three months.

Knol authors even though very silent are doing a good job. Congratulations.

Google Knol Home Page

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Google Knol Home Page - Unofficial

Unofficial Knol Home Page - New Knols, Top Knols, Knol Directory

Visit Google Knol - Wikibased Knowledge Platform

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Popular Knol Terms - Popular Jargon on Google Knol

Knol Author Foundation

Knol Badge
Knol Book
Knol Bulletin

Knol Collection

Knol Directory

Knol Forum

Knol Goal

Knol Home Pages

Knol Marathon

Knol News

Knol Videopedia

News Knol

Video Knol

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gateway to 50,000 Top Knols

Knol has more than 600,000 articles posted so far.

Knol Directory of Interesting Knols provides links to 50,000 top knols through various sub-directories and lists. In these lists, search links are given which give various knols on the topic sorted on page views. In search results maximum of 800 results are only shown on Knol. Apart from the search links some selected knols are also included in the lists. Slowly the selection list will increase.

Gateway to 50,000 Top - Interesting Knols
Knol Directory of Interesting Knols


Knol Month of Regional Content - August
India Knol Month - August Campaign - Indian Knol Author Knol Information - India Knol Competitions
Friendship Day - First Sunday of August - 2 August 2009
International Day of the World Indigenous People - 9 August
International Youth Day - 12 August
India Knol Day - 15th August - Independence Day

Knol Month of Regional Content - August (55 knols)

Regional Content on Knol

Knol Sub-Directories for various countries are being created now (July 2011).

Knol Sub-Directory List - Countries: 100 countries' knols


New Initiatives from Knol Authors

Top Knols - Knol Book Top Knols in all languages of Knol Home Page
Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area
Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols provides search links for various categories and also present yearwise list of interesting knol search links

Knol VideoPedia
Knol Books - Catalogue
Knol Collections Directory
Interesting New Knols

Knol Months for Home Page Categories of Knol

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Promotion for Regional Content Category Knols of Google Knol

Knol has lot of interesting and popular content in many languages. Knol Month of Regional Content - August provides various search links as well as specially collected knols for easy browsing of the content. Readers can browse various collections to find all the interesting content. Click on the search links and you can see up to 800 knols on the topic.

Knol is now getting millions of visitors every month and it may qualify for Top 1000 ranked website with the existing performance and performance will improve as more authors contribute on Knol.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome - Fourth Year of Knol - Appreciation to all Knol Authors

At the start of the 2011, a top author of Knol, Will Johnson pointed out that everyday large number of new knols are being published. Good to see today that on the last day of the third year, 1000 new knols are posted.

We are starting the fourth year with confidence. Millions of visitors are coming to Knol. Authors with reputation in consulting organizations are joining Knol now and posting knols. Authors who posted good knols in 2008 and 2009 are now revising their knols. All active and serious content Knol authors can feel very happy and assured now. As authors, your involvement in Knol only brought this happy situation. Keep contributing and promoting Knol. Your objectives related to sharing your knowledge and experience with many others through Knol will be achieved. I am confident that Google executives will make further investments in Knol and keep it up as an advanced platform for article publishing.

All the best to all Knol visitors, Knol authors and Knol executives.

Knol New Year Greetings

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Day of Third Year of Knol Public Operations

From tomorrow Knol will start its fourth year of public operations.

In three years, Knol performed well. Thousands of Knol authors have contributed useful, readable, valuable and popular content. It is down under performance from Knol authors. Today it looks good performance.


It says 251.2 K US monthly people. It is a good number. Because to get global numbers, multiply it by 10. It means 2.5 million global monthly people. It is a respectable number. Once Knol authors realize and others realize that it is a respectable number, the growth of Knol will accelerate.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Five Senses by Kevin Spaulding - Knol Reshared is the reshared knol. The knol is a very popular knol with more than 80,000 page views.

One Million Page Views on Google Knol Platform for an Author

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. reported that cumulative page views to his portfolio have crossed one million figure today in Google Analytics data. The page views are on upward trend for the last six months.

The monthly page views of Narayana Rao are currently around 77,000 and he is confident that next one million page views will come in the next one year.

Solar Energy - A Synopsis by William Pentland - Knol Reshared

Knol available under creative commons 3.0 attribution license Reshared on

Monday, July 11, 2011

Interesting SEO Suggestions for Bloggers and Knollers

In the site SEOBook, that supports The Blogger's Guide to SEO - by Aaron & Giovanna Wall, the authors have written that SEO methods are different for bloggers. They need to build a reader base and trust. They have to be more visible in the blogosphere.

Bloggers guide to SEO

The knol that Aaron Wall posted which was referred to in the above blog post was reshared by me in with the name SEO Basics - Search Engine Optimization Made Easy - Reshared Knol

Beginning of Active Sharing of Creative Commons License Knols

Knol provided the option of specifying various types of content sharing licenses to provide options to authors. Why authors specify creative commons 3.0 license? They specify the license to facilitate sharing of their content on various other blogs and websites. If no blogger or webmaster used the creative commons license content on their blogs and websites, the objective behind specifying creative commons is not attained. Knol authors have to proactively inform bloggers to share their content on through their blogs.

An initiative to promote active sharing of creative commons knols was launched by me. It facilitates locations of creative commons knols and also provides a format to blogger. Of course bloggers have more expertise in their activity and can share the information in their own way.

Some knols reshared today.

The blog Google Knols Reshared contains various knols with creative commons which are shared by me.

Marketing Management, 13th edition, Philip Kotler, Book Information and Review - Reshared Knol

How to Tell If Your Car Alternator Is Bad - Reshared Knol

BRAIN: CT, MRI - Noninvasive imaging of the central nervous system - Reshared Knol

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reshare Popular Knols through your blogs - Excellent Content

You can use guest bloggers. You can also use reshared online content and expand your blog and provide more to read for your community of readers. There is excellent material on Google Knol.

Knol has the provision for resharing of knols on blogs and websites. There are many knols that specified creative commons license and all these knols can be reshared by interested bloggers and web masters.

I am developing a knol collection for facilitating such resharing.

Knols with Resharing Option - A Knol Collection

Visit the knol collection and click on the search link provided to see very popular knols with 10,000 page views and more available for sharing on your blogs. Share them on your blogs specifying the license and increase content on your blog.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth Year of Knol Set to Start - Knol for Researchers

Research scholars and Ph.ds can use many Google tools to search for available jobs for facing interviews and for enhancing their credibility.

Google Knol is idea for publishing research papers in the area of expertise of researchers. Case Study of Jessica, a Ph d in organic chemistry was given as an illustration.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knol Completing Three Years of Public Operations

Knol is open to everyone announcement was made on Google on 27.7.2008

On 27.7.2011, Knol will complete three years and start its fourth year of operations.

What has Knol achieved?

Many professors, professionals, corporate executives, business owners, authors and students contributed on Knol many learning materials. There are research papers published by scientists in some of the subjects as online research journals were started some organizations on Knol.

Apart from the education category there are many other categories like business, entertainment, music and shopping on Knol, There are many knols in these categories also.

Google has not managed this platform actively. It is acting as a passive provider of technology platform. Authors also could not come up with alternate ways of promoting the platform. But authors were very active in contributing 600,000 knols so far. There are at least 50,000 knols with 500 or more page views. There is good scope now to promote this good content by authors and get around 250,000 page views. Add another 350,000 page views from the remaining 550,000 knols, Knol can have 600,000 page views per day which is a good performance. It can increase to one million page views per day very quickly and one million page views per day is very respectable figure for any website.

Good days ahead for Knol

July 2011 - Start of Fourth Year of Knol Public Operations

In July 2011, Knol completes its third year of public operations and starts its fourth year.

Made an appeal to fellow authors to promote and grow Knol.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Telugu Knols by Narayana Rao

Telugu Knols by Narayana Rao

A collection of articles written by Narayana Rao on Knol. In due course of time number of articles on management and industrial engineering will be posted in Telugu.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adding the +1 Button to Your Blog is Very Easy

Blogger Buzz: Add the +1 Button to Your Blog

You have to enable the shared button feature in your blog and +1 button will appear as a shared button.

600,000 articles on Knol Platform

There are 600,000 articles on Knol platform and on many days 1000 and more knols are being posted.

The top knols in each languages and topic are collected in Top Knols - Knol Book

Visit various knols in it, click on the search link and see 800 top knols in each language and on various topics.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

400,000 English Knols - Yes Now Knol has 400,000 English Articles

Top Knols - 2008 to Current Day - All Categories Combined

The search results show 396,249 which still leaves some knols not accounted for. So 400,000 English knols are already there on Knol.

How many of them have become popular? A compilation of popular knols is being developed yearwise, category wise and topic wise.

Can Knol have good page view performance?
Yes. What is needed is good promotion from Knol authors as a team. They are not present in social media. If all active knol authors participate in social media, they can generate 400,000 page views from 40,000 popular knols and English Knols can have 750,000 page views per day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 Cs of Blogging - Applicable to Knol too - Video



From Darrenrowse youtube channel

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

50,000 monthly visitors for a knol portfolio

Today a knol portfolio is going to register 50,000 page views per month.

Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

Update on 24.9.2011
Now the figure has gone up to 59,000

Monday, April 25, 2011

Essays on Industrial Engineering on Knol

1. Ergonomics - Knol Book

2. Industrial Engineering - Bulletin Board

3. Engineering Economics - Knol Book

4. Industrial Engineering - Knol Books - Catalogue

5. Industrial Engineering

Friday, April 22, 2011

66,590 page views per week for a knol portfolio

More and more knol portfolios are attracting more and more page views. One more portfolio now registered 65,000 page views.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Industrial Engineering Articles, Essays, Notes on Knol

Big number of articles, essays and notes are available on Knol.

One can access them through search link of Knol as well collections.

Knol Search Link for Industrial Engineering Articles by Nrao

Industrial Engineering - Knols

Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Knol books are also started to provide articles relevant under various techniques of industrial engineering

Industrial Engineering - Knol Books - Catalogue

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Objective of Knol - Highlighted

The Objective

To increase number of Online Authors and make more content (Knowledge) available to people.

There are millions of people who possess useful knowledge that they would love to share, and there are billions of people who can benefit from it. We believe that many do not share that knowledge today simply because it is not easy enough to do that. The challenge posed to us by Larry, Sergey and Eric was to find a way to help people share their knowledge. This is our main goal. Udi Manber in (Source: )

The goal is for knols to cover all topics, from scientific concepts, to medical information, from geographical and historical, to entertainment, from product information, to how-to-fix-it instructions. Google will not serve as an editor in any way, and will not bless any content. All editorial responsibilities and control will rest with the authors. We hope that knols will include the opinions and points of view of the authors who will put their reputation on the line. Anyone will be free to write. For many topics, there will likely be competing knols on the same subject. Competition of ideas is a good thing.

See for more
Objective of Knol - Google's Wiki-based Article Platform

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Top Knols in English Lists and Some Knols

Top Knols in English Lists and Some Knols

Knols with more than 25,000 page views are being collected in this list. Search links give top 800 knols in each category.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knol is a successful Product from Google - Social Media starts recognizing

The utility of Knol is slowly getting recognition in Social Media.

From space and energy programs to virtual worlds and online hard drives, Google arguably has an unrivalled willingness to try new things.

Knol is one of the success stories and is still going strong

Knol Tweet (Knoltweet) ranked 914 in Mumbai Twitter community provides you the ranking facility by location for twitter members.

Knoltweet!/knoltweet is ranked at 914 at this point in time. gives ranks for twitter members of India

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top Internet - Online - Authors - Writers

Associated content provides page view details and through it, it is possible to find top authors. It is very exciting to see that there around 100 authors with million page views on this platform. As the Associatedcontent, pays them according to these page views, all of them must be genuine billable page views.

The details of these authors are being accumulated in a knol

Top 100 authors or top Internet Article Authors

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

knol Maintenance on 6.4.2011

Knol will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance starting at April 6, 2011 9:30:00 PM UTC+5:30. We expect the maintenance to be completed at April 6, 2011 11:30:00 PM UTC+5:30.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Page views increase further for a knol portfolio

Visitors and page view information is from Google Analytics

Monthly visitors: 43,596 Historical record
Monthly Page views 62,945 Historical record

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Number of Interesting Knols on Google Knol Platform

There are many interesting knols. But there is no way of finding them in one location. Knol authors were not having information about them.

Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols assembles them in a single page.

The page has knol search links for various categories. Under each category there are further search links for each year. In total there can be 25,000 interesting knols in English language. In all other languages, there can be equal number of interesting knols thus making the total number of interesting knols equals to 50,000. Now some knol authors can take up activities to market these 50,000 knols and get around 250,000 page views for them daily.

Knol is likely to accumulate million knols in a year or so and by then the number of interesting knols can increase to 100,000.

!00,000 Top Knols - Identification Project

A project to identify 100,000 top knols through search link output of 800 knols each is started.

Top Knols - Knol Book

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knol has excellent traction - Publish articles and Promote Them

Yes Knol has excellent traction.
Authors have to write useful content and promote it in appropriate manner. Visitors are coming enthusiastically to Knol articles.

Writing Knols - Knol Book

A knol book to facilitate writing and promoting knols

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knol is now a popular article publishing platform

Today close to 1500 new knols are published on Knol. Knol is now a popular article publishing platform.

Knol is Alive, Growing and Kicking

Contrary to some negative comments, Knol is alive and growing.
Number of new knols posted is on the rise, many authors who were not active are becoming active and page views and visitors are continually increasing.

Update to Knol on 24.9.2011

During the last six months, there was a great increase performance of Knol and almost 100% increase in page views is recorded by top authors.

Knol is now a top 1000 website

Monday, March 14, 2011

Page Views and Visitors to Knol Increasing Continuously

Page views and visitors to Knol are increasing continuously during the last three weeks and new historical records are being registered. New knols posted are also above 1000 on many days and thus Knol is booming in this year.

Monthly visitors to a knol portfolio are likely to touch 42,000 today.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Knol Page Views Increasing

Knol page views are further increasing. After a dip in December, Knol page views starting increasing once again and now old historical peaks are crossed. For the portfolio of Global Number one Individual author, K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao, the latest figures are all historical records. He expects the performance to double this year. A new initiative of knol books was launched by him and the initiative is already a success with the concerned knol getting 4000 page views in a week in the knol counter.

Monthly visitors: 37,521 Historical record
Monthly Page views 53,506 Historical record
Daily visitors 1598 Historical record
Daily page views 2361 Historical record


It also good that on many days more than 1000 new knols are being posted. So the knol portfolio of articles is going reach a million articles shortly. Only thing that is now required is marketing effort from knol authors. They have to realize that posting a knol is waste of time if they have no intention of marketing it by creating backlinks and other means of sharing their knol.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A New Knol Authors and Visitors Forum started

On Knol platform there is no official forum. A knol discussion board was started using comments feature but it has not become active. An author bulletin board is active with small number of authors participating in it. Now one more knol author and visitor forum is started using the comments feature and the collection Knol.

Authors and visitors are invited to participate in the forum. Links are knols are welcome and links to outside sites are not welcome. Participate actively and promote your knols and also share information with others.

New Knol Authors and Visitors Forum

Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Million Page Knol Authors Will Emerge

Knol has already 5 million page views knol author.

Search Link for the list of top viewed authors.

There are actually 7 one million page views authors.

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. is presently the number one individual English language author.
The global top author is a Korean author. Then there is Hungarian author. Ehowknol is an organization.

Will Johnson, an English language author is presently having 65,000 page views per week and at this rate he can over take Narayana Rao in two or three months.

The Korean author will reach 10 million page views in a year. There are authors on other article writing platform with 10 million page views and on Knol also many authors will emerge with 10 million page views.

Such a view is expressed by Narayana Rao in a knol article also.

10 (Ten) Million Page Views Knol Authors

Knol has traction and it is succeeding

Friday, February 18, 2011

Million Page Views in a day for Knol - Will Happen Shortly

A search on Google shows that on Knol now there are 800,000 entries. Those entries may include comments also. Every day around 1000 new knols are being posted. A recent search showed that that there are around 10,000 knols with 1000 page views are more in English language. A similar number will be there in all other languages combined. From this, we can estimate that there will 50,000 knols with 500 page views for more. These interesting knols will keep increasing with 1000 new knols being posted every day.

These page views for interesting knols can be increased to 5 per knol with proper marketing by authors. On Knol, so far, authors have not taken up marketing efforts. They simply posted and left them for attracting visitors on their own. But if proper sharing links efforts are put in visitors will increase. Knol authors will realize this and put in more efforts. There are now authors on Knol with 500 knols having 1000 page views or more.

These authors' successes will be noticed by other knol authors.

Knol is likely to accumulate a million articles (actual articles excluding comments) in one year hence. If ten percent of the articles get 5 page views per each, the first 100,000 article will get 500,000 page views, the next 200,000 articles can get 200,000 page views and the next 700,000 articles can get 300,000 page views giving one million page views per day per Knol. This is shortly going to happen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Knol Has Traction. Authors with Popular 500 Posts

Knol article publishing platform has good traction. Now there are authors on the platform with more than 500 articles having page views of 1000 or more.

Will Johnson

Narayana Rao

Knol 8.3K Wikipedia 10.5 Million Daily US visitors

According to Quantcast figures displayed on 14.2.2011

Knol has 8.3 K daily US visitors and 205.1 monthly visitors. has 10.5 million daily US visitors 70 million monthly visitors.

Knol stats will raise to one million page views as one million knols are likeli to be accumulated by year end of 2011.

Knol Traffic Increasing - New Knols are Increasing

The historical peak for daily page views has increased to 2311 from 2116 on 10th Feb 2011 for the knol portfolio of Narayana Rao. This is approximately 10 per cent increase. Good for Knol that traffic is increasing further in 2011.

Every day close to 1000 knols are being posted on Knol. Today 898 new knols were posted.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Use of Knol in Multiple Forms and Formats

Knol Answer Boards, Knol Author Biographies, Knol Bibliography, Knol Book, Knol Book Information and Review, Knol Case Studies, Knol Contests, Knol Directories, Knol Video Information and Reviews many more

Authors are using Knol in multiple creative ways.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

9500 Essays and Articles on Marketing on Knol

On Knol there are more than 9500 essays and articles on marketing, advertising and selling. The best of these articles assembled into a knol book on marketing. The book is assembled into a two level structure. In the first levels, readers will see variuos chapter collections. Under each chapter collection, the relevant articles of the chapter are collected. For some topics more than one article are included to provide variety to the reader. The book will be updated periodically with new articles posted and edited.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knol Books List 3

Economics - An Introductory Knol Book

Electronics and Communication Systems - Knol Book
Energy - Production, Distribution and Conservation - Knol Book

Engineering Ethics - Knol Book

Engineering Management - Knol Book

Engineering Materials - Knol Book

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) - Knol Book
Environmental Management - Knol Book

Equity Research - Knol Book of Readings
Ergonomics - Knol Book

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knol is back in News

The search engine on knol is not working. Authors are still able to edit their own knols and write new knols. Visitors are able to access knols through engines. But Knol is getting good publicity (amount of publicity) and bad publicity because of the outing. Why bad publicity? Because for quiet sometime people are quiet about Knol. Now they got a chance to write.

But on Knol things are improving in terms of new knols posted.

Knol is Fine

Knol has a problem for the last 24 hours. Its search engine is not working. So within Knol users are not able to search and find knols. There are number of lists created using search results. All of them are not functioning. But still authors are able to open new knols and writ new articles. As authors' personal lists are accessible there are able to edit their old knols. Visitors are not able read knol collections. But visitors are accessing normal text knols.

So there is bug and there is a problem. Some persons are taking advantage of this problem to give their message once again. Problems on Knol. But things have improved on Knol in the recent days, According to Quantcast, page views have improved in the last quarter. Number of knols posted arenow close to 1000 on many days with peak number of 1400. 4000 academicians have registered on Knol and 2000 of them have posted knols. Country information knol books is an exciting project on Knol. This is in addition to subject knol books. Areas like videogames and pc games are becoming popular on Knol.

So Knol is doing fine as an open wiki-based predominantly academic platform. Minor website problems need not be used for creating panics.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1066 New Knols Posted

Yesterday 1066 news knols were posted at one tine in the last 24 hours. Knol is attracting many new authors and large number of new knols are being posted these days. Knol is basically a learning material platform and one looks forward to more and more informative articles in the platform. Contributors have to note that the basic focus of the platform and post appropriate articles.

Also they need to promote their articles by sending emails, submitting them to various collections within knol and informing their knol through twitter, orkut, facebook etc.