Friday, February 18, 2011

Million Page Views in a day for Knol - Will Happen Shortly

A search on Google shows that on Knol now there are 800,000 entries. Those entries may include comments also. Every day around 1000 new knols are being posted. A recent search showed that that there are around 10,000 knols with 1000 page views are more in English language. A similar number will be there in all other languages combined. From this, we can estimate that there will 50,000 knols with 500 page views for more. These interesting knols will keep increasing with 1000 new knols being posted every day.

These page views for interesting knols can be increased to 5 per knol with proper marketing by authors. On Knol, so far, authors have not taken up marketing efforts. They simply posted and left them for attracting visitors on their own. But if proper sharing links efforts are put in visitors will increase. Knol authors will realize this and put in more efforts. There are now authors on Knol with 500 knols having 1000 page views or more.

These authors' successes will be noticed by other knol authors.

Knol is likely to accumulate a million articles (actual articles excluding comments) in one year hence. If ten percent of the articles get 5 page views per each, the first 100,000 article will get 500,000 page views, the next 200,000 articles can get 200,000 page views and the next 700,000 articles can get 300,000 page views giving one million page views per day per Knol. This is shortly going to happen.

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