Friday, December 31, 2010

Knol Author News

Knol Author News is relaunched in its original Knol.

2010 is a good year for Knol. 2011 must be better. Authors will be more confident. Today 750 new knols are posted. 300 new visitors and authors registered. All these are good numbers. Positive news will spread and more authors will start writing on Knol. Knol is basically a writing platform for academic and learning materials. There are number of knol books now which will highlight new knols written in different subjects. Authors have to search the appropriate book or collection and add their knol to it through submission or comments.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knol Books - List 1

1. Algorithms - Design, Analysis & Improvement and Applications - Knol Book

2. Auditing - Knol Book

3. Automobile Engineering - Knol Book

4. Basic Electronics - Knol Book

5. Business, Corporate and Managerial Ethics - Knol Book

6. Central Excise - India - Knol Book

7. Chemistry (K-12 or 12th Standard) - Knol Book

8. Communication Skills - Knol Book

9. Computer Architecture & Organization - Knol Book

10. Computer Programs and Programming Languages - Knol Book

List of 100 Knol Books

100 New Knol Books were Started - Knol in Full Bloom

Knol platform has a feature called collections. Using that feature 100 new knol books in different subjects were started. This may give philip to this concept and many more knol books may be launched on the Knol platform. Knol has focus on academic content even though it is an open platform with least policing and censorship. There are now research papers, books, term papers, concept explanations, problems and solutions on Knol to help students as well as executives in their continuous education endeavor. Knol is truly fulfilling the objective with which it was launched. To provide a wiki platform to individuals to take the initiative and provide learning materials in the small units called knols. Many knol authors are doing that job with their abilities. There are number of professors as well a senior executives on Knol contributing their share for the global knowledge transfer project of Google. In year 2010, Knol has grown by at least 100% in number of knols and visitors numbers.

2011 must be a much better year, as social media takes notice of the positive developments on the Knol platform and informs the public the contribution of Knol in the area academic learning materials.

100 New Knol Books List

There will be many gaps in these books to start with. But they will get filled as new knols are written by knol authors to fill these gaps. That is voluntary crowd sourcing works. There will be significant delay or time lag from the time a project is announced to the time it gets completed. In a similar way, the pace of the activity will also be uneven. Sometimes more people participate and sometimes the activity may come to halt.

Collaboration on Knol - Knol Level and Knol Collection Level

On Knol authors can collaborate at two levels. One is at knol level. Authors can develop knols in a collaborative manner. There are many collaborative knols. The other level is to collaborate at collection level.

Number of collections are there on Knol.

Knol books is a concept developed very early on Knol by Medical authors.

Recently there is a big push for this concept with the posting of more than 100 books on various subjects.

List of Knol Books

This idea will get further momentum and more knol books will come into shape. Authors can examine these knol books, identify gaps in these book topics and write new knols and indicate those new knols on the knol books. This sort of collaboration is collection level collaboration. Authors of Knol collections have to show an inclusive attitude and encourage other authors to submit their knols to their collections.

Knol as a social media platform needs cordial relations among authors to succeed in a big way.

India Information - Knol Book

India Information - Knol Book launched.

India Information - Knol Book

Knol offers good facility for developing knol books out of various articles written various authors on Knol on different topics.

Country information knol books can be launched on Knol

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Computer Science and Engineering - Knol Books - Catalogue

Number of books are under development on Knol. These provide useful articles and essays on various issues related to the subjects.

Computer Science and Engineering - Knol Books - Catalogue

The individual books available are:

Algorithms - Design, Analysis & Improvement and Applications - Knol Book

Computer Architecture & Organization - Knol Book

Computer Programs and Programming Languages - Knol Book

Data Structures - Knol Book

Database Management Systems (DBMS) - Knol Book

Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management - Knol Book

Knol doing a good job in providing focused learning materials.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knol Books to Learn Languages

Knol Books to Learn Languages

Number of authors have written various articles on how to learn various languages of variety or regions.

Also there are youtube videos, Google Docs and Google Books.

Knol books on learning various languages provide various knols written by different knols authors on supporting the learning of a language.

Presently Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korea, Russian, Spanish are available. The knols will increase in due course of time due to inclusion of more knols and also posting of some more knols by knol authors who identify the gaps from these knol books.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knol Books

Knol Books idea is now actively being pursued. The number of books available is more than 50 now. There are gaps in these books. But the authors may recognize the gaps now more quickly and fill the gaps. Among knol authors also, knol books transfer information very quickly about gaps and availability of articles on various topics of subject.

The books can be accessed through:

Knol Book Catalogue

List of Knol Books by KVSSNRao

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Knol has relative high page rank

Page rank of Knol is 7 and it is relatively high page rank among article sites.

Sites like eHow, Squidoo and Technorati have 8 as page rank.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1000 New Knols Published on Knol on 17.12.2010

1000 new knols were published today on Knol. It is a good that such a higher number of knols were published without any special effort accompanying it. In English language 866 new knols are published. This number compares well with new articles being published on Wikipedia platform in recent days. On Wikipedia, the number of articles published in English is around 1000 per day. Knol is also slowly approaching that number. As more persons come to know the statistics, more knols will be published.

Knol books are increasing in number and they highlight the scope for writing knols on specific topics in a chapter of a subject.

Knol Book News for some details of Knol books in the area of medicine and management