Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Collaboration on Knol - Knol Level and Knol Collection Level

On Knol authors can collaborate at two levels. One is at knol level. Authors can develop knols in a collaborative manner. There are many collaborative knols. The other level is to collaborate at collection level.

Number of collections are there on Knol.

Knol books is a concept developed very early on Knol by Medical authors.

Recently there is a big push for this concept with the posting of more than 100 books on various subjects.

List of Knol Books

This idea will get further momentum and more knol books will come into shape. Authors can examine these knol books, identify gaps in these book topics and write new knols and indicate those new knols on the knol books. This sort of collaboration is collection level collaboration. Authors of Knol collections have to show an inclusive attitude and encourage other authors to submit their knols to their collections.

Knol as a social media platform needs cordial relations among authors to succeed in a big way.

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