Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100 New Knol Books were Started - Knol in Full Bloom

Knol platform has a feature called collections. Using that feature 100 new knol books in different subjects were started. This may give philip to this concept and many more knol books may be launched on the Knol platform. Knol has focus on academic content even though it is an open platform with least policing and censorship. There are now research papers, books, term papers, concept explanations, problems and solutions on Knol to help students as well as executives in their continuous education endeavor. Knol is truly fulfilling the objective with which it was launched. To provide a wiki platform to individuals to take the initiative and provide learning materials in the small units called knols. Many knol authors are doing that job with their abilities. There are number of professors as well a senior executives on Knol contributing their share for the global knowledge transfer project of Google. In year 2010, Knol has grown by at least 100% in number of knols and visitors numbers.

2011 must be a much better year, as social media takes notice of the positive developments on the Knol platform and informs the public the contribution of Knol in the area academic learning materials.

100 New Knol Books List

There will be many gaps in these books to start with. But they will get filled as new knols are written by knol authors to fill these gaps. That is voluntary crowd sourcing works. There will be significant delay or time lag from the time a project is announced to the time it gets completed. In a similar way, the pace of the activity will also be uneven. Sometimes more people participate and sometimes the activity may come to halt.

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