Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome - Fourth Year of Knol - Appreciation to all Knol Authors

At the start of the 2011, a top author of Knol, Will Johnson pointed out that everyday large number of new knols are being published. Good to see today that on the last day of the third year, 1000 new knols are posted.

We are starting the fourth year with confidence. Millions of visitors are coming to Knol. Authors with reputation in consulting organizations are joining Knol now and posting knols. Authors who posted good knols in 2008 and 2009 are now revising their knols. All active and serious content Knol authors can feel very happy and assured now. As authors, your involvement in Knol only brought this happy situation. Keep contributing and promoting Knol. Your objectives related to sharing your knowledge and experience with many others through Knol will be achieved. I am confident that Google executives will make further investments in Knol and keep it up as an advanced platform for article publishing.

All the best to all Knol visitors, Knol authors and Knol executives.

Knol New Year Greetings


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