Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knol Completing Three Years of Public Operations

Knol is open to everyone announcement was made on Google on 27.7.2008

On 27.7.2011, Knol will complete three years and start its fourth year of operations.

What has Knol achieved?

Many professors, professionals, corporate executives, business owners, authors and students contributed on Knol many learning materials. There are research papers published by scientists in some of the subjects as online research journals were started some organizations on Knol.

Apart from the education category there are many other categories like business, entertainment, music and shopping on Knol, There are many knols in these categories also.

Google has not managed this platform actively. It is acting as a passive provider of technology platform. Authors also could not come up with alternate ways of promoting the platform. But authors were very active in contributing 600,000 knols so far. There are at least 50,000 knols with 500 or more page views. There is good scope now to promote this good content by authors and get around 250,000 page views. Add another 350,000 page views from the remaining 550,000 knols, Knol can have 600,000 page views per day which is a good performance. It can increase to one million page views per day very quickly and one million page views per day is very respectable figure for any website.

Good days ahead for Knol

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