Sunday, June 5, 2011

400,000 English Knols - Yes Now Knol has 400,000 English Articles

Top Knols - 2008 to Current Day - All Categories Combined

The search results show 396,249 which still leaves some knols not accounted for. So 400,000 English knols are already there on Knol.

How many of them have become popular? A compilation of popular knols is being developed yearwise, category wise and topic wise.

Can Knol have good page view performance?
Yes. What is needed is good promotion from Knol authors as a team. They are not present in social media. If all active knol authors participate in social media, they can generate 400,000 page views from 40,000 popular knols and English Knols can have 750,000 page views per day.

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