Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wiki-Blogger Needed

I think now that Google decided to close knol as an independent Google product with a slogan Knol is not a blog. It is appropriate that it gives the knol platform to blogger and call it as wiki-blogger. The url of the knols can be changed to While scientific journals like PLOS may not be interested in being part of wikiblogger and hence will go many of the authors would be happy to go to Wiki-blogger. I think the Google will notice the idea if more knol authors are in favor of it.

Knol authors have to make the suggestion and advocate it vigorously. As a Wikiblogger, the platform will get the support of millions of bloggers. Actually bloggers were offended when Knol was started with the slogan Knol is not a blog implying bloggers are not welcome on Knol.

Change it to Wikiblogger and give it Blogger management. Wikiblogging and mobile blogging are the modern tools and Blogger has to offer both to its members.


  1. I tend to agree with you that this would be a solution.

  2. would be or could be.... however we can also think about a lot of other options however I do think this is a nice way to go :-)

  3. IF some people can come together, we are ready to create a better platform then knol as per your suggestions