Sunday, February 21, 2010

In US there is no Problem for Accessing Knol

Sajid Khan had edited a knol two hours ago from US. But still I am not able to access knol from Mumbai.

Is Knol Server Down? 21-2-2010

I am not able to access knol for the last 10 hours starting from 6.30 am (Indian Standard Time) on 21.2.2010 either using Chrome or IE8.

But I have not seen news about it so far on net. Surprising.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

5 Million Page Views from Top Four Authors on Knol

Knol page views of authors are going up. There are now two authors with 100,000 page views a week. The top four authors are having 250,000 page views a week or one million page views a month now. At this present time their cumulative total is 5 million page views. But for the next year, they will have 12 million page views. It is interesting that three of the four authors are individuals and all of them are writing more and more knols. There are more active knol authors also in course of time they will also have more page views.

Knol is gaining popularity day by day with cumulative number of knols increasing. Many professors are registering on knol and writing articles and papers in their subjects.

For instance very good articles on electronic circuit design are available on knol.

Electronic Circuits Design For Beginners:
Chapter 1: Ohm's Law - The Diode - Rectifiers
Chapter 2: Transformer Mounting - Printed Circuit Board - Soldering
Chapter 3: Capacitor - Voltage Filtering
Chapter 4: Regulated Power Supply - 78XX Regulator
Chapter 5: How to Calculate a Heat Dissipator
Chapter 6: Resistor Voltage Divider - Peak Detector - Clamp
Chapter 7: Zener Diode
Chapter 8: Bipolar Transistor - The Transistor as a Switch
Chapter 9: The Transistor as a Switch - Darlington Transistor
Chapter 10: LEDs
Chapter 11: Transistor in Active Region
Chapter 12: Common Collector Configuration

For links of chapters go to Knol Subdirectory - Electronics Engineering - Interesting Knols

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Want to write and share your knowledge with the world - Knol It

Knol makes it easy for you to write and share your knowledge with the world.

Visit a video on knol help page how to start writing.