Saturday, November 7, 2009

Centurion Knol Authors Are Charging

There are many centurion knol authors on the platform.

So far nobody highlighted them. A recent initiative to make a list of centurion knollers identified 67 of them so far. This is the figure in say 350 top viewed knol authors on the platform. It is around 20%. Knol platform may have around 30,000 knol authors. Therefore it is not difficult to find 1000 knol authors who wrote more than 100 knols already. An initiative to help these knol authors to improve their knols and have 100,000 page views for their knol portfolios can give 100 million page views for the knol platform from these 1000 centurion knollers itself.

Knol management and knol author should come together and start an initiative in this direction.

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