Friday, June 25, 2010

Knol is Now Giving Visitors and Page Views to Authors

Authors who started on knol have waited for almost two years to get a satisfactory visitors and page view numbers.

Suddenly in the last two days I had a spike in visitors numbers that give lot of satisfaction. It increased my confidence in the knol platform. I can now work with full confidence that knol is a good platform for me as a writer.

On 24.6.2010 287 pages were viewed and 2217 page views were recorded. This is giving 8 page views per knol for the knols which were visited. This is a pretty high number. Will every author get these numbers just because he posts an article on knol? Obviously no. Authors have to write on topics of interest, they have to put in adequate content, Do social media promotion and implement search engine optimization. Knol in not going market each and every article. It is not going to recommend also each and every article. Knol and Google have search crtieria and only those articles that pass the search criteria will be even shown to visitors in a knol search. Forget marketing, your article will not even show up on knol unless it has adequate quality. If you write good articles, knol now has the demonstrated ability to provide you visitors and page views.

Do you want them?

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