Friday, July 23, 2010

Knol is Strong Now

Knol has completed two years of public operations successfully.

Right from the start there is negative opinion knol in the online media. Print media is silent on knol. One does not read much in print about knol. But in online media the negative opinion continues.

But what about the authors? Authors are putting more and more efforts on knol. There are more authors who posted more than 100 knols. There are authors who registered 100,000 page views and their number is going to dramatically increase this year.

There are many successful initiatives floated by authors on their own and as groups. The involvement of knol authors on social media is increasing. Twitter is an example of this. More and more knol authors are active on twitter.

There is very useful content on knol. Many knol authors are expressing their satisfaction that the content available on knol is enriching their knowledge.

Best wishes for the success of knol in coming years.

Knol Progress 2008 - 2010

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