Saturday, September 7, 2013

Active Knol Authors - New Site Details

The Knol will have the details of new locations of Knol authors after migration of their knols. 

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. migrating some knols to
Management Theory Review blog on Blogger
MBA Course Knowledge Center
Bulk of the knols will go to Wordpress

Đặng-Vũ Chính   Knols on various cities with beautiful pictures.
Ian Grant Spong
Robert Avery
Wilson Villaure

81 to 90
Valentina Bongiolatti

51 to 60 Knols

Ahmed Oguzhan   Islam
Cyril Bladier
Dara Greaney  Automotive parts (buying and using)
dr mandi Ph.d
Francisco Quiumento  Brazil  235,406 cpv (19.8.2010) Chemistry
Gladys Gahona  366,784 cpv (19.8.2010)

41 to 50 Knols
Dr. Charles M.
Joanne Musa - Tax lien investing
John A. Gowan Good knols but low wpv 405 (9.10.2010)
Koen Samyn  41 knols + 3 collections
Lev Regelson
Vinod Jain

31 to 40 knols
Alex Spence
Charles Goulding Energy tax savings
Raj Persaud  Psychologist and Psychiatrist
Sharath K
Tamoikins Museum  Art related knols
Tim Haynes  Digital branding

21 to 30

Allard Strijker
Andrew Czernek
Volkmar Weiss (German) (20.9.2010)
William Whetstone
Adam Fultz (22.9)
Alon Holliday (11.1.2011)
Arno Janssen (30.3.2011)
Gayle Cotton  National Emmy Award winner
Jim Morelli  625 wpv
John Britto
Josephine Acosta-Pasricha  University Professorial Lecturer, Writer, Researcher, 22,287 pv
julie shoemaker (painting)
Kamal Chaouachi (6.10)
Kazuhiko Kotani
Kyla Quinlan  339 wpv
Lanny M
Lyudmil Antonov  Bulgaria
Mauri  Professor, posted some course schedules in Sociology
Melisende d'Outremer  Laws related to women
Multivision Technosys   SEO services

Information related to more authors is being covered in English Knol Author Directory

Hardyna Vedder

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