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English Knol Author Foundation

English Chapter of the Knol Author Foundation

Knol is now Top 1000 Website

 Knol - A Top 1000 Website

Our present estimate is 5.9 million unique monthly visitors for Knol and if this number goes to 10 million, Knol will  be Top 450 website. Let us work together, contribute more knols, recruit more authors and promote Knol more. Let us take Knol up to a higher rank.
Mission: The Knol Author Foundation is dedicated to utilizing Knol platform, Google technology and other web resources in order to promote international collaboration of intellectuals, writers and scientists around the globe. Our aim is to engage and encourage open participation in all fields of wisdom, science, history and culture.
                     The Knol Author Foundation is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Google.
                                                             Established 2009/01/09
                                                                 World Languages 
                                            Knol Author Foundation 58 Chapters and growing
 Visit our off site Knol  Library at
Knol today is a giant non-traditional public library, the largest ever built by mankind. But most of the library's shelves are empty or nearly so. To achieve that goal Knol authors need to help Google configure the Knol Library to become a linked series of specialized academic discipline libraries along with a large public library for general audiences.
That is what we are attempting to do with the Knol Author Foundation
. This page is like an index that is filled with different chapters. What we must do as Knol Authors is to fill each Chapter with knol writers and knols. As more authors join and write knols the chapters and library will fill up with useful and valuable information. 
A library has many books on different subjects. Some are very broad in nature and useful and informative to many readers. Other are specialized in a specific field and and have a smaller reader base. Still others  may not be as high quality and are read by few readers.
Just as in a library, you don't throw out what is not considered top rate. The library is a mixture of everthing. The choice is there to pick what interests you.
The Knol Author Foundation operates on the same premise. Unlike other groups on knol where you may have to apply and have proven authorship via Knol metrics and peer acceptance, we are different. Our intention is not to form an elite group. If you publish a knol than is not spam, we welcome you as a fellow author.
English speaking Authors:
  1. Abdullah al-Ghafri
  2. Abhijith Jayanthi - new member 6/19/11
  3. Ahmed Alghamry
  4. Alec Radford
  5. Angela
  6. Artur Barrera 
  7. Aubron Wood
  8. Barry Myatt
  9. Christine Kleinert
  10. Craig Goldwyn
  11. Dr. Mandi
  12. Minoo Bhagia 
  13. Ellis Peterson
  14. Eugene Schwartz
  15. Fred Feldon
  16. Hamoda Alasuity
  17. Harry Amon
  18. Heather Clark
  19. Jamil Abboud
  20. Khuda Dad Azara
  21. MBP Lee
  22. Manuel Menendez
  23. Manjil Saikia
  24. Mark Boucher
  25. Michael A Rizzotti
  26. Mohanad Abdalla
  27. Moharram Khalifa
  28. Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
  29. Nikolay Kitov
  30. Nevil Darukhanawala
  31. Nitin Krishan
  32. NL Shraman
  33. Phil Kongtcheu 
  34. Randall Kleinert 
  35. Sajid Kahn
  36. Silverio Carugo
  37. Sinclair McLaren
  38. Wael Kdouh
  39. Włodzimierz Holsztyński
  40. Yousef Al-Sharif

We invite all knol authors to become members of the foundation and actively participate to promote knol and to provide excellent knols to knol visitors - the knowledge seekers.
To become a knol author foundation member, please provide your name, profile page link, country and gmail address through email to foundation.  If you don't want updates write no updates in subject box. We will not divulge your address to any third party, it is for administrative purposes only. Send your e-mail address to [ ] . Your link will be reviewed and added once we receive your email address or
 you can use this form to add your membership.
If interested in becoming a co-author of one of the language pages please email the foundation.
A return link to the Knol Author Foundation on your profile page would be welcome.

 Knol Author Foundation-KAF

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   English- English is a West Germanic language that developed in England and south-eastern Scotland during the Anglo-Saxon era. It is a language related to Dutch, Frisian and German with much of it deriving  from French, Latin, Greek and many other languages.  Approximately 341 million people speak English as a native language and a further 267 million speak it as a second language in over 104 countries. [59]  English belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and is therefore related to most other languages spoken in Europe and western Asia from Iceland to India. The parent tongue, called Proto-Indo-European, was spoken about 5,000 years ago by nomads believed to have roamed the southeast European plains. Germanic, one of the language groups descended from this ancestral speech, is usually divided by scholars into three regional groups: East (Burgundian, Vandal, and Gothic, all extinct), North (Icelandic, Faeroese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), and West (German, Netherlandic [Dutch and Flemish], Frisian, English).  [6]



Aims and Objectives

  1. Utilize Knol platform, Google technology and other web recourses to promote free and open exchange of ideas between intellectuals, writers, scientists, researchers, professors, teachers and students. 
  2. Encourage authors to write quality online content in all fields of science, philosophy, history and culture with respect to human values and open participation
  3. Spread awareness about Knol platform in members of educational communities (universities, colleges, schools, research foundations) and invite new authors to contribute and share their expertise. 
  4. Encourage worldwide collaboration of authors in national and international level 
  5. Promote online participation in decision making processes with respect to the principles of democracy and open public access
  6. Explore new ideas in all fields of science and promote potential applications to human welfare. For this purpose we seek for original ideas, theories and practices against hunger, illness, war, crime, racism, environment instability and other national or international potential problems. 
  7. Organize national and international discussions in topics that indicate the crucial role of human values in modern societies. 
  8. Endorse authors derived from different countries, social cultures or ethnic groups to write in their native language and promote their own history, literature and culture. Our aim is to promote the wide perspective of different civilizations and different traditions around the world. 
  9. Provide funds for knowledge creating activities (funding research) 
  10. Provide education and support to new authors in Knol writing, online marketing and understanding of copyright laws. 
  11. Organize Knol competitions


1. Meetings foundation board (on line, physical)
2. Meeting foundation members (on line physical)
3. Meeting with Google knol team (on line, physical)
4. Author membership drive.
5. Knol writing to promote foundation and its objective
6. Press releases
7. Press conferences
8. Author conferences
9. Study projects - on copy right laws, marketing issues 
10. Organizing knol competitions

Activities of Knol Author Foundation

1. Author membership Drive
Knol Author Recruitment - Double the Number of Knol Authors

2. Promoting Knol through various circulating positive news
Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
Google Knol - Its Progress
Knol - A Top 1000 Website

3. Press Releases
Knol Author Foundation - Press Releases

4. Knol Promotion Initiatives
Interesting New Knols
Knol Month of Education - September
Knol Month of Science - October

New Locations

Dr. Mandi
Minoo Bhagia 
Ellis Peterson
Eugene Schwartz
Fred Feldon
Hamoda Alasuity
Harry Amon
Heather Clark
Jamil Abboud
Khuda Dad Azara
Manuel Menendez
Manjil Saikia
Mark Boucher
Michael A Rizzotti
Mohanad Abdalla
Moharram Khalifa
Nikolay Kitov
Nevil Darukhanawala
Nitin Krishan
NL Shraman
Phil Kongtcheu 
Randall Kleinert 
Sajid Kahn
Silverio Carugo
Sinclair McLaren
Wael Kdouh
Włodzimierz Holsztyński
Yousef Al-Sharif

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