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Knol is now a Top 1000 website
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Recent economic knols by Peter Greenfinch
This knol reached quickly the 1000 pageviews. It warns about the ominous danger of an imminent global monetary collapse in the lack of a real global monetary system.
It proposes solutions to that crucial and urgent issue which the world authorities seems currently unable or unwilling to tackle, as nations do not want to cede any portion or their exalted, but illusory, "sovereignty".
That knol goes further than the classical narrow theories on the topic and their poor explanations when applied to the 21st century economic evolutions


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Towards a World currency This knol reached quickly the 1000 pageviews. it might be because it shows what steps to take in order to solve a crucial and urgent issue on which the world authorities shows currently to be unable to really tackle: the ominous danger of an imminent global monetary collapse in the lack of a real global monetary system.
Factors of production and of economic value Another recent knol that goes further than the classical narrow theories on the topic that give poor explanations when applied to the 21st century economic evolutions
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Herd mentality, herd behavior How we behave within groups and society, a key topic that explains how we can lose our personal independence, and how many social phenomena, including dramatic ones, can take shape.
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SWOT Analysis, a strategic tool. A must for any project
Decision Making and its traps. A must for deciders

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Herd mentality, herd behavior Seems this knol's audience is finding a "second breath",
well, not to the extent of seeing a flock of readers like its title suggests ;-)

What is an Antique?  An explanation. By Martin & Aleta Curry
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Genetically modified crops:Fears and excitement.
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Life as a Residential Electrician
The Second Axial Age
updated to take into account US and EU lawmakers rather thorough decisions taken
this month about banking activities (alas taken separately without much coordination,
showing how far we still are from a really global financial / monetary governance)

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namaskar prof sahab

rao sahab please tell knol people to remove hindi competition topic from the front page as it has been expired long back.
minoo bhagia - 12 Sep 2011
Thank you madam.

Long back I sent them a mail.
Wrote comment on two or three exec's knols. No response.

But I just checked now. Visitors and page views are increasing for the last six months. I am now confident that it is reaching at top 1000 website status on unique visitors numbers. It is time for them to put some people and tidy up the site once again.
Narayana Rao - 12 Sep 2011

higher ranks for artists worldwide with www.dir-act.com

Knols on top, promoting the goodies. That's what should happen to the new internetplatform www.dir-act.com, where the more theoretically internet, as a virtual world, and the actual bookers en performers come together. Revolutionary, world conquering concept that now comes to live!
Arno Janssen - 30 Mar 2011

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Narayana Rao - 18 Mar 2011

Short urls

Narayana Rao - 04 Nov 2010

Make an entry Immediately after you post a knol

Keep this knol as a favorite and make an entry immediately after you post a knol.
Narayana Rao - 03 Aug 2010

Great Idea, and thank you!

Your encouragement of newcomers is greatly appreciated!
Aleta Curry - 30 Jul 2010
Thank you
Narayana Rao - 30 Jul 2010

Danyavad Professor Rao!

Once again, you are supportive.
I gladly added my knols.

With all good wishes,
Harry Amon - 01 Jul 2010

Thank You Peter Greenfinch

For joining as a coauthor. As you can observe, we got good early response from authors. Hope we will be able to motivate more authors to use this page to promote their knols.

I hope over period of time many authors open such boards for various subjects and help in promoting knols. Many of our ideas are for the success of knol and we want people to pick out the good points and implement better models.

Narayana Rao - 30 Jun 2010

The Promotion Board is getting visitors from Google Search Engine

This will appear in Google search results shortly. More visitors will come. So authors who give their links in this promotion board will get some benefit from extra visitors.
Narayana Rao - 30 Jun 2010


for your invitation
Peter Greenfinch - 30 Jun 2010

Re: Vuvuzelas for Africa case study

Thank you for including the Vuvuzela Knol.
Vernon Chalmers - 30 Jun 2010
Thank you for the comment. You can indicate your knols on this board any time you wish to. My idea is that it is an avenue for authors to publicize their knol.
Narayana Rao - 30 Jun 2010

Goal, goal, this time for knol

An idea for poems and lyrics.

Visit the knol and post your lyric or poem

Narayana Rao - 26 Jun 2010

Rao garu You did a tremendous research here

Hi Rao garu,
Great research and great promotion
Keep it up
P V Ariel - 26 Jun 2010
Thank you.

No special research. When we are telling people to promote their knols they needs some display place. I think here they can display their knols without worrying that somebody will get upset with me. I still remember how certain persons reacted when you left link to your knols or blog. We should not say both things simultaneously.

From here I hope knol authors will go into social media. We need good promotion. Visits to my knol portfolio from referrals have increased.

Narayana Rao - 26 Jun 2010

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  1. Hi Rao garu,
    Happy to be here again to check some of our fav knols, but sad to note that all the links are broken, and do you have the correct links of these pages migrated to your new site? If so please do share the link here so that the visitors here can reach the real destination.
    Season's Greetings to you and yours.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil