Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Pages for Fans - Knol Pages for Knowledge Transfer

Win and Keep customers by sharing knowledge


From Knol Content Policy

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY: You may use Knol to create articles for your business or to promote your lawful products or services that are not otherwise prohibited by our Content Policy or Terms of Service, unless you are in Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, Syria, or Sudan.


Knol as a platform focuses on knowledge articles. The articles inform and educate the readers on issues of interest to the readers. Companies can transfer product knowledge, operating instructions for their products and maintenance information of their products by posting them on Knol as knowledge articles. Such posts will be legitimate content as per the content policy of the Knol. Even companies can publish their balance sheet information of Knol. It is essential information for investors, investment analysts and students, It is useful information.

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