Saturday, October 2, 2010

Knol Growing Day by Day 2nd October 2010

Knol, the Google's article publishing platform is growing day by day. In recent days on many days more than 800 articles are being published. This give around 200,000 new knols in a year which is a good number. Page views for leading authors are going up. Adsense earnings are coming every month for some authors. More professors and students are writing on the platform.

No doubt being an open platform, there are variety of topics. But the platform is focusing on knowledge based articles as the main product. Whenever and wherever, the platform is advertised for promoting online writing, this aspect of knowledge is highlighted. Its special promotion with organizations is to publish education materials and research papers. Even though some people are criticizing some articles on it, it is not biased criticism, as they are attacking an obvious point, when a platform is open to write, there will be irrelevant stuff. Knol will not spend resources to remove it. But its spends resources to search and show relevant stuff of the enquirer. As one goes below and below, relevance is less and irrelevance is more. The readers know it.

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