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Evolution of a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller) Community

Evolution of a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller) Community

Evolution of a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller) Community

A dynamic knol author (knoller) community has evolved. Now on many close to 1000 new knols are being published.




Need for a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller)  Community

Knol authors (knollers) have come together to form an author community on a more formal basis and initiate actions for the benefit of readers and visitors of knol as well as for the benefit of authors, google and other entities involved in the knol project.
Some of the issues or areas that need attention and initiative from knol author community are:
Knol promotion
Knol author (knoller) development
Knol quality development
Knoller motivation program
Knol platform development
Knol visitor community development
Knol commercial aspects development
Some initiatives in this context were taken Andrew Kemper, Julian and some others in initiating knols highlighting - new features required, knol lists, knol olympics, and knol certification etc. But the scale of initiatives is very small compared to the amount of effort required to achieve a great success.
Author community has to develop objectives and  mission first for the knol author community. Then it has to come out with goals and vision. Then specific initiatives that contribute to the acievement of goals have to developed and implemented.
What should be the objectives of knol author community?  
Contribute your thoughts.

While each Knol-writer has something unique to contribute, their effectiveness can increase if they do some synergizing in addition to their work at the individual level (Johnson C. Philip).
The above portion of this knol was last edited on 27th October 2008

Knol Author Foundation

The knol was started with the title "Need for a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller)  Community." This knol gave the starting step for the formation of knol author foundation which was registered by Sajid Khan along with two more persons in the state of New Jersey.

Dynamic Knoller Community and Its Initiatives

Now there is a dynamic knoller community. Different initiatives were launched by different authors in various languages and countries and subjects.

Centurion Knollers

Knol completed its first year of public operations in July 2009. As we now look at the output of knol authors, we find there are many knol authors who have posted more than 100 knols. 100 knols is a recommended for making a significant presence on a social or public article publishing platform by an author. An author who published 100 knols has spent significant amount of time and effort on the knol platform. He has committed his time to the success of the platform. He will be ready to participate in any new initiative launched to accelerate the growth of the platform.
54 centurion knollers were identified by me and other authors so far. We may identify many more and more authors will join the ranks once they realize the need to post more knols. The centurion knoller group will play a significant in the progress of knol by participating vigorously in initiatives to recruit more authors, write more knols, improve the quality of knols, guide new authors and promote knol.

110 centurion knollers are identified so far.


Short urls


Narayana Rao - 14 Feb 2011


I wrote several knols about simple subjects, but thus far, can only find them when I use my name as a search term, rather than words in the title, or the general category, e.g. recipe. So I know that someone searching for, say, recipes, won't necessarily find my recipes.

Anyway, my take is, indexing should be very high on the list.

Carole Powell - 22 Nov 2008

Knol help team is responding to many of our requests. But still there is much to be done. We have to keep pointing issues to them. To increase interaction among knol authors and visitor we are presently organizing a bulletin board. You can write messages to fellow authors and visitors in the board. Please have a look at it and write your first message.


Narayana Rao - 22 Nov 2008

Knol Quality

I would be glad to take on a formal role for Knol.

I will take requests for edits and reviews, under certain conditions.

Everyone, let me know what you think. I will start a knol about my system of editing if people are interested.

Anonymous - 20 Nov 2008

I have my BA in English, and I've been a career writer and editor for several years (Literary and commercial).

Editorially, I can make broad suggestions and do line edits. Other than that, it's really up to the author to gather sources and build their own perspective in general.

Anonymous - 20 Nov 2008

Addison, great, but what are your specialities, and your experience in your role? How do you intend to help? With language, English, Grammar, content?

MBP Lee - 20 Nov 2008


Comments are supposed to be in relation to the article. Please refrain from promoting your agenda, no matter how legitimate it is, by posting SPAM on my Knol. I'm sure you did not intend it as spam but it is what it amounts to as it is not sollicited.

Fran├žois Reeves - 20 Nov 2008

I believe that people are so used to criticise others that they do not realise that they are not helping one bit with criticism and on "constructive criticism." Or even encouragement.

MBP Lee - 20 Nov 2008

I understand your comment. But as you mentioned in your comment, there is certainly a reason that I communicated the message through the comment column. My idea is that the author community comes out with various ideas and practices that are appreciated by many and are of benefit to the knol visitor community, author community and all other agencies connected with knol.

Narayana Rao - 15 Oct 2008

Promoting Knols

I agree that all those interested in creating this data base must all cooperate and support one another. However there are some people who prefer to destroy others rather than help to build up this community. Howe can we assist one another? By NOT BEING EGOTISTICAL AND SELFISH. I have come to this site to see how I can help. Are you interested in what I have tried to create? Why are we only interested in self promotion and to hell with others? Let's see how much we are willing to promote one another?

MBP Lee - 26 Oct 2008

I thank you for visiting this knol and posting the comment. I could visit your knols because of it.

I feel knol is new platform. We all have to first promote knol as a platform. Yes there can be competition among authors. But it is a long way from now. At this moment there is nothing to compete. First of all join as group to promote knol, make it popular among people. Then, yes we can compete for sharing the fruits of success. Now even roots are not proper. Where is the question of fruit?

I feel that authors have not come together yet. Not even five or ten.

It took me 2 days to develop the structure of knols in one subject. Just giving a name to the knol and write two or three topic headings in which I want to develop the material. I want to develop a community that will keep adding small bits to these knols and enlarge it and update. I plan to open knols for 40 subjects. It will take me 80 full days only to just open knol pages to initiate my project. It is a long way ahead to bring our plans into a beginning prototype.

My appeal to authors is not to feel critical about anybody. If knol succeeds there will enough for thousands of authors. Let us appreciate everybody's creativity. But let us appeal to authors not put down anybody.

If I am upsetting anybody, I am ready to listen and desist from doing such things.

Narayana Rao - 26 Oct 2008

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