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This knol is an authoritative article - Self Certification by the Author

This knol is an authoritative article - Self Certification by the Author

This knol is an authoritative article - Self Certification by the Author

Self Certification the Author


Knol's Main Aim

This knol was last revised on 9th October 2008. The idea is an old idea.
Knol's main aim is to create authoritative articles about  specific topics.

But the platform provides an opportunity for experimentation by authors to provide various formats. But unless the main objective is fulfilled to a large extent, Knol may not succeed in the first place to provide opportunity for other forms of expression by us (author community).
How many of knols are authoritative articles on a specific topic?
Knol platform has tried to give badges and identify some knols as quality knols and most popular knols by viewers.
Why not authors themselves give a certificate to their knol?
Self certify yourself. Make an entry of the knol that you self certify here. Each author  can open a knol and certify his knols there. Authors can give their knols here. So that other authors can see them, read the article and then they give their certification. 
Knol author community has to come out with best knol list. We need to think of various alternatives for this objective. One idea came to my mind. Why don't we decide to write one detailed knol each quarter and list it a one place. May be now there are 5000 knol authors. If each author writes one detailed knol every quarter we will have 5000 very good knols certified by the author himself every quarter. In a year, we will have 20,000 best knol list. We can promote that list using Orkut communities, Facebook communities and blogs. We need the list first. Please give your ideas as an entry or comment.

Author Self Certified Knols (As Authoritative and Comprehensive Articles)

1. Focus of Industrial Engineering, Author: Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
2. Socialization, Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
(Modified by Mr. Sajid Khan)
3. Communication: Importance and Definition, Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

Other Author Certification Knol

The aim of knoller (knol author) community must be to create a large number of certifiied (authoritative or comprehensive) knols and provide utility to the visitors to the knol.

Open Collaboration Knol

This knol is an open collaboration knol. Contribute to it.


Need to create more knols, more quality knols and to recruit more authors

For the success of knol project, we the existing authors have to contribute. Can each of us recruit one more author and double the number of knol authors in three months. If every quarter, an existing author recruits one more author, the number of authors will skyrocket to a big number in two or three years.

The number of knols will increase and number of visitors will increase.

We need to make efforts to increase good knols also and self certification by knol authors for some of their knols could be a way of building a good-knol database. From that list further grading can be done by author community and visitor community.

Authors have to get involved in the endeavor to take the knol towards a successful outcome.
Narayana Rao - 14 Apr 2009

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