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Knol Author News - October 2010

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107   -    Centurion Knollers - Knol Authors
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Knol Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors.

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Interesting New Knols Good content highlighted as it is posted. Add your selection through comments.


New Authors and New Knols

You get information on new authors as well as visitors who registered on google knol.
Knols which were started in the last 24 hours

English Knol Author Directory
Knol Author Directory

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Visitors and Pages views to
Visitors 2173
Page views 3055  Google analytics data

Peak Monthly figures
Visits 51,294
Page views: 73,434
Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

Further increase in performance of a knol portfolio


Visitors: 36,599    Historical record
page views: 51,987 
33,297 Absolute unique visitors  Historical record
Total Adsense page impressions 3987 Historical record

Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

Number of new authors registered on Knol: 282

New page view records for a Knol portfolio
Cumulative monthly figures
Visitors: 34,525        Historical record
page views: 50,165  Historical record
2176 pages were viewed a total of 50,165 times (Google Analytics) 
30,935 Absolute unique visitors


A successful knols promotion initiative Interesting New Knols was launched. Its purpose is to highlight good content on Knol as early as possible. There are many good authors on knol and there is quality content on Knol. What is missing is promotion. If knol authors come together and promote Knol, Knol will see bigger visitor traffic and success.

Comment in Knol Help

Knol Author News - September 2010 Issue

Monthly visitors have crossed 33,000 mark. Now they are 33,078.
Montly page views have crossed 48,000 mark. Now they are 48,231.(Report by KVSSNRao)
It is interesting to recollect that on 22.6.2010 they are  24,015 and 34,272. Thus there is 33% increase in performance in the last three months.
There is definitely similar improvement in performance in page views of more number of authors. Knol is booming as reputed authors are active and writing continuously.  Reputed Knol Authors Active On Knol - Why?   

Today, monthly visitor number to my knols will cross 33,000 and page view number will cross 48,000. (KVSSNRao). Visitors will increase to knols of all knol authors if there is systematic promotion of their knol by each knol author.

Give a twitter message for each article.
Post in social book marking site.
Post in your blog.
Provide tags
How to Get 100,000 visitors per Month to Articles, Blogs, Knols - Let us Learn from the Experienced

Knol home page idea Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. - Knol Home Page looks good. There are many authors who have written thousand knols and many are going to publish 1000 knols. For such prolific authors, this home page design will be very useful. Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. - Knol Home Page  It will make them monitor their knols more easily. It will get visitors to their knol portfolio easily.

Survey on Happiness or Unhappiness of Knol Authors on Page Views to Their Knols
Are you happy with number of your knols and page views

A Survey.

You are a centurion knoller - A very active knol author

Are you happy with number of your knols and page views

A Survey.
Do we as authors need to do something?

Results will be reported in
and in a separate Knol.

I posted these two messages as comments in number of Knols of various knol authors. Some have given the replies. I need to consolidate them in one knol. I need to remind the authors who have not responded so far to give their opinion.

I also request all authors to express their opinion in the knol opened for consolidating the survey.
Knol Portfolio Page View Performance - Survey


3000th Knol posted.
A knol with serial number 3000 was posted today by Narayana Rao


Another Performance Milestone on Knol


Monthly page views have crossed 47,000

Today they reached 47,435 (according to Google analytics data) (Reported by KVSSNRao)

Knol Page Views Still Going Up

New Visitors and Page Views Record on Knol
32,123 visitors monthly
46,873 page views monthly.
104 page views as on second day.
Interesting Information
How to get 100,000 visitors per month? The hub page author with 15,0000 page views gives some very appropriate steps for increasing visitors and page views.
Write on topics which are being searched?
Write around 800 words. Do not write 150 word articles to increase pages posted.
Give a twitter message for each article.
Post in social book marking site. He does it in three.
Post in your blog.
Provide tags
Very simple and relevant. Aren't they. Start using the steps.
Monthly visitors has gone up to 31,216
Monthly page views have gone up to 46,045. Figure above 45,000 for two days. Page views are going up over the last three months.
Knol authors can develop youtube video based knols. How to Manage the Older Workers - Suggestions For Younger Supervisors .  This has good scope to develop very useful knols. Good knowledge provided  by very good videos can be provided to your visitors and also more information can be added making the knol more valuable.

Today, the monthly cumulative page view figure crossed a milestone figure of 45,000 page views. The ability of knol platform to deliver page views consistently is clear now. Authors have to focus on the performance of their knol portfolios now.

An appeal to fellow knol authors: Promote Knol in Social Media
Prof Rakesh Khurana, Chairman, Knowledge Network, India delivered a lecture on Innovations and Development in ODL on Case Studies of Innovation in Online Learning." Use of Knol by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. in NITIE, Mumbai in one of those case studies.

Today's trending knols
Telugu Knol Home Page - తెలుగు నోలు ముఖ పేజి  207 pv  325 pv (at 7.00 pm IST)
Knol Performance Framework and Review  59 pv in 6 hours
हिंदी नोल होम पेज - Hindi Knol Home Page  47 pv in 4 hours
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. - Knol Home Page  50 pv in the last four hours
Indo Solar Limited - India - Company Information   689 wpv

There is a huge gap between expected performance from the authors and the actual performance. Knol authors have to think of improving their performance by planning a proper mix between quantity, quality and promotion.
Visit Knol Performance Framework and Review  for the table containing expected performance to reach one million page view per day goal and the current performance.

Telugu Knol Home Page - తెలుగు నోలు ముఖ పేజి was started day before yestereday. It attracted good attention from Orkut communities' members. It has 215 page views in two days. Seems to be a good idea that other authors can start such pages in other languages. The telugu knol home page got 325 page views at the recent instant.
Also trying to develop Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. - Knol Home Page. As I wrote number of knols, a detailed directory of knols is important for me to update knols. Also, I observed that many searches are taking place using my name, a page like this would show up and show to visitors all the knols that I wrote.
Happy to inform all fellow authors that monthly visitors number has crossed 30,000 today in analytics data. May be by end of the day, page views will also cross 45,000 per month. Knol platform is delivering visitors and page views. We, authors have to write and promote our articles. End of the day page view figure just stopped 2 short of 45,000.

Interesting knols are increasing on knol. More than 100 knols are interesting knols in sub-directories
Knol Sub-Directory - Investment Management - Interesting Knols
Knol Sub-Directory - Physics - Interesting Knols

Appeal to all knol authors to include their knols having more than 500 page views in appropriate sub-directories.

Today's trending knols

Knol Author News - September 2010   506 cum page views


Reputed Knol Author Active Today

Ian Sutton  (37,444 cpv, 22 knols)

Operational Excellence in the Process Industries (700 pv)

Guardian UK's Open Platform.
It is allowing wordpress users to insert its full article in their blogs.


I also found that knol is doing better than many other article platforms according to comparisons in Google trends

Exciting Information

Knol is doing well in comparison to Many Article Platforms

Knol is doing better than Hub pages

See Google Trends Comparison between Knol and Hub Pages
                                               Between Knol and Hubpages

See Google Trends Comparison between Knol and Squidoo

See Google Trends Comparison between Knol and Xomba

See Google Trends Comparison between Knol and eHow
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