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Knol Started 17.5.2010

-------Important Events to be Covered---------

Knol authors joining, posted knols, posting of 5, 10 knols etc., Page view milestones 1000 pv, 5000 pv etc. Reviews, Collaborations, Comments, Suggestions to fellow authors, Suggestions to Knol Platform Management, Posts in blogs, and social networks like twitter, facebook, digg etc. about knol, Creation of templates and format for use by knol authors etc.

Frequently used abbreviations

cpv: Cumulative page views
wpv: Weekly page views


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Knol Directory of Interesting Knols

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Migration of Knol Authors to Multiple Platforms - Blogger, Annotum Wordpress, Own Blogs etc.

Narayana Rao

November 2011

Knol is showing great traction.
Further increase daily page views to 4379 per day.
Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
Momentum is continuing today also. Knol author now need benchmark their page performance with one page view per day per Knol in Google Analytics statistics. Knol has 600,000 knols and if such a bench mark is attained, Knol will have 600,000 page views per day and 18 million page views per month. But present monthly estimate of page views is only 10 million. We need more knol authors who claim loudly, I get more than one page view per knol per day. Why are you not trying?

Authors who achieved have to encourage others also to achieve the reasonable benchmark.

Estimates of Performance of Knol
Uptrend persists
Monthly visits: 7.7 million  Historical record
Absolute Unique visitors:  6.92 million   Historical record
Monthly Page views: 10.75 million   Historical record

Source for the estimates
Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
100 times the performance of Global Number 2 individual author on Knol


Estimates for the Performance of Knol

Peak Numbers

Monthly visits: 7.61 million  Historical record
Absolute Unique visitors:  6.84 million   Historical record
Monthly Page views: 10.75 million   Historical record

Source for the estimates
Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
100 times the performance of Global Number 2 individual author on Knol

Press Release about Knol - Knol is now Top 1000 website

Press release covered in more than 50 digital pubications

24-7 Press Release

Education News Today

Media Industry Today

Book Publishing Industry Today

Marketing & Advertising Industry Today

Finance Industry Today

World News Report

EIN Presswire

Consumer News Today

Digital Journal

News Blaze

Chicago Daily Herald Market News


September - Special Promotion for Education category Knols.

More than 1000 professors writing on Knol. 1000s of students writing on Knol.
250 knols books available on Knol.

Knol Month of Education - September

Education - Knol Category - Themes and Authors

Professors - Writing Knols - Knollers - Knol Authors
Top Knols of Knol Professors - Professors and Faculty Members on Knol

Knol Professors - Recently Registered Professors, Lecturers and Faculty Members

A Knol Home page design was created by Narayana Rao
Unofficial Knol Home Page
Knol authors can create landing pages for Knol of their design. Based on their popularity, Knol designers can incorporate the features of these home pages later in the official home page.

11.8.2011  reported interesting figures for 1/1/11 to 6/29/11
It showed highest number of US monthly visitors at 263K and current visitors as 210K. The earlier figure was 250K and hence we can feel happy that Knol is progressing further.

Top Knols - English - July 2008
Top Knols - English - August 2008 show top knols created in those months.

 Knol Promotion Board
Knols on Andorra, Antigua, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas

Knols on countries Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria

1 August 2011
A year long campaign to promote knols of various Knol home page categories is started from today.
For August the promotion is for Regional Content Knols


Knol New Year Greetings

27 July 2011 Fourth Year Starts

Top Knols of 2008 - All Categories Combined
Top Knols of 2009 - All Categories Combined
Top Knols of 2010 - All Categories Combined
New Knols, Interesting Knols, Featured Knols, Top Viewed Knols - 2011

Interesting News:
India has the maximum number interesting knols the country category knols

Knol search link for India
4829 knols 4.6.2011
800 interesting knols

4318 knols in search results on 4.6.2011
800 interesting knols

There is big scope for developing video knols by knol authors. Video Knols - Big Scope
Knol books is becoming a popular concept with good number of page views. Knol Book News

Today is Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson's birthday.
2011 - Knol Day of Economics - 15th May - Birthday of Paul Samuelson
It will be good if knol authors come up with various Knol Days of Knowledge.

English Knol Author Directory page are getting updated with details of weekly page views of authors. It will be good to have 1000 authors with good number of weekly page views. This compilation will give us details of various authors so that active knol authors can encourage some more knol authors to put in more effort and increase performance of their knol portfolios. Knol community has to come forward and improve performance of individual knol portfolios and of the Knol collection as a whole.

50,000 monthly visitors for a knol portfolio.

A knol portfolio is likely to have 50,000 monthly visitors in Google Analytics Stats today.
Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

There are at least 366,783 English Knols now.
Check this search link English Knols with word the
50 knols have more than 94,000 page views. Very Good.
429 knols have more than 25,000 page views.
800 knols have more than 16,000 page views.

Knol has good content that is attracting good number of visitors and page views. Knol authors have to write more and promote more. We have to remember Knol is not a homepage based article platform. It is search based platform. Unless authors do search engine marketing, which is marketing their articles to search engines, traffic will not come to them. Only authors have to do it, as Knol has no marketing activity for Knol right from the start.

Now many authors are giving Twitter messages on their knols and getting the benefits of it.

Knol is having traction. Knol visitors and page view numbers are increasing for the last four months in both Google analytics and Knol counter.
For Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. today, highest weekly page number of 66,590 was recorded today in Knol counter.
It will be good if knol authors discuss together and find ways of increasing visitors to knol through their efforts.

On there are authors who may be registering one million page views per month.
10 (Ten) Million Page Views Knol Authors  Knol authors have big page view targets to reach to make Knol successful. Already authors on other successful platforms have reached those targets.

Knol Books - Catalogue  5000 page views in a week. Knol authors can look forward to bigger and bigger page views and visitors numbers. Keep thinking creatively and innovatively. What can be provided to readers and how it can be distributed? A success of one knol author should increase the creative energy among many knol authors and provide an impetus for further success of the knol community as a whole.


Knol Books concept is succeeding. Knol Books - Catalogue 17,000 page views. Business Management - Knol Books - Catalogue 955 pv. Marketing Management - Knol Book of Readings 1632 pv. Encourage all authors to develop knol books. Request all others to suggest knols for inclusion in the books. Wherever there are no knols on topics, it will be good to create knols on those topics.


Interesting Knols

Knol has many interesting knols.

Browse interesting knols using Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols.
All knol authors are requested to specify categories for their knols so that they appear in these lists. Also providing categories is a basic SEO step. If your knol does not appear in these lists, please check your category specifications.


Knol Has Traction - Authors With Useful Content Getting Visitors and Page Views

Authors with 500 knols having 1000 or more page views have emerged on Knol. More and more authors will achieve this distinction.


Top Knols by Page Views of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

50 knols with more than 5000 page views
500 knols with more than 1000 page views
800 knols with more than 500 page views                                                                 



Knol is basically a platform for knowledge. It is a platform for academic and learning materials. It is good to note that many academicians from various universities and top academic institutions of various countries are writing on Knol.

1393 registered on Knol on 1.1.2011 

400 registered on Knol
Trainers Writing on Knol - Search Link

1579 Teachers, Instructors, and Tutors registered on Knol
Teachers, Instructors, and Tutors - Search Link

Top Knols of Knol Professors - Professors and Faculty Members on Knol

Knol Professors - Recently Registered Professors, Lecturers and Faculty Members



Good news on Knol. Some authors reported that their new year greetings knol attracted 3300 page views in 10 days. Knol going strong.(See Knol Help Main Page)
756 new knols published today a good number.
300 persons registered on Knol today. (Good number)
Phd thesis of a professor registered today.

2010 Achievements on Knol Platform


Million Page Views in a Year (2010)

손지훈  (Korean author)

György Tausz (Hungarian author)
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

Cumulative Million Page View Authors
손지훈  (Korean author)

György Tausz (Hungarian author)
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
Will Johnson
Krishan Maggon

30.12.2010 is happy that it is getting 8 million pages per month. According to my previous calculations, Knol must be getting more than 8 million page views now. I keep on harping upon one million knols. In the recent days on many days around 900 new knols are getting posted and this number can be help in increasing the number of knols quickly to one million knols.
100 knol books initiated by NRao List of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. Knol book is a concept to collect good knols on a subject, arrange them chapter-wise and present them to readers for easy reading. Quality and serious content on knol can be supported through subject knol books. Even if 10% of the content on Knol is supported by serious knol authors, Knol platform will prosper. Problem in not irrelevant content posted by marketing-oriented writers, problem is lack of support to serious content by at least 100 to 200 authors. If 100 to 200 authors engage themselves in identifying and promoting serious content on Knol, Knol will get ahead in much better fashion. Useful and value adding content has to be the focus. Any writer who writes on interesting topics needs to be encouraged and supported with technical help as needed.

A new initiative by Knol Authors
Knol Community Library
813 new knols are published today (good number)

9.11.2010 posted on (29.12.2010)

170 authors with 100,000 page views


Active - Committed - Dedicated and Successful Knol Authors- Who are they?

133 authors with 100,000 page views Some  Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

Knol is very flexible and authors can create several varieties of articles, books and essays to communicate their knowledge to eager learners.  Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties


Original Knol Post Knol 2511

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