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Migrating Knols through a Work Around

From Popular Knols of NRao List 1 - some Knols are redirected


Merry Christmas


 My Knol Migration

All management knols are being collected in .

Marketing articles are available under the label
Article on differentiating and positioning


Special Promotion of Knols - 2011 -12


Congratulations - Knol Authors

Knol is Top 1000 Website

Estimated unique monthly visitors for Knol: 5.524 million
Knol is now Top 1000 Website based on unique monthly visitors.
Congratulations to all Knol authors who dreamed it, contributed to it, promoted it and made it reality against great odds.

Performance Excitement on Knol - Knol Traction Effect

Daily visits: 3589
Unique visitors: 3326
Page views: 4544


There are some twitter messages today. Knol still lives?

This message is in response to

Yes, Knol is going forward and growing. So far in this year, 200,000 new knols posted. By year end we will see 300,000. May be next year we will see 500,000. Knol is attracting many new authors.

Page views and visitors are increasing. We estimate 5.23 million unique visitors per month. Momentum is very good and we will reach 6.2 million in two or three months.

Knol authors even though very silent are doing a good job. Congratulations.


Announcement by Google.

Knol is being discontinued

Authors can migrate their knols. Annotum-Wordpress is there to migrate if Knol authors wish to, for their collaborative writing.


Friendship Day Greetings to all Knol Visitors and Authors


Knol New Year Greetings

27 July 2011 Fourth Year Starts



Let Us Achieve Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 - Knols 1 million - Top 100 Website
There are many interesting, useful and valuable articles on Knol

Top Knols

Top Knols - Knol Book 

Top Knols - English - September 2008
Top Knols - English - October 2008

Top Knols in English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russia, Spanish
600,000 total knols on the platform
50,000 top knols

Top Knols of 2008 - All Categories Combined
Top Knols of 2009 - All Categories Combined
Top Knols of 2010 - All Categories Combined
New Knols, Interesting Knols, Featured Knols, Top Viewed Knols - 2011

Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols

Knol Books - Catalogue
Google Created Knowledge Group.

Monthly visitors to Knol Portfolio crossed 57,000



Initiatives to Promote Knol 2011

Google Knol Home Page
Knol Books - Catalogue

Knol Visitor Numbers and Page Views Have Gone Up Substantially - 2011

Many knol authors have now 5000 page views per week.
Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors

Now daily visitors number is close to 2700 per day for top authors.

Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao


Congratulations Will Johnson

First English Language author to register more than 500 knols with 1000 page views and more. Actually there are 519 knols (15.2.2011) with 1000 page views and more.

67,490 weekly page views.

Will Johnson is also the first English Language Individual author to register weekly page views above 50,000. Adsense income follows page views.

Knol has traction and if any author writes valuable and useful content he will have the reader support.
Johnson is a role model and will be followed by many knol authors.

There are more knol authors who wrote more than 500 knols and many of them will soon follow Johnson to increase promtion for their knols.

Good Things - Happenings in Knol

December 2010



100 knol books initiated by me in Management, Engineering and Sciences
List - Knol Book of Readings by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

November 2010

Knol Books is a new initiative by me. Plan to write some online textbooks and collect number of books of reading in management and industrial engineering.

Are new active and popular authors emerging on Knol? Trying to assemble a knol to understand the issue.

August 2010


Friendship Day 1st August 2010

Good Occasion to Greet many knol authors and encourage them to write more on knol

E-Knol Greetings

Support India Knol Month Campaign

About Friendship Day


Initiatives to Promote Knol - July  2010

India Knol Day - Support it by writing your comments.

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August

Interesting Hindi Knols

Knol Promotion Board

Knol Author News - July 2010

Page Views, Visitors and Advertisement Income from Knol and Other Article Sites

Trending Knols

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

Important for Knol Authors


Centurion Knollers

To my surprise, I now found that there are many centurion knollers on the knol platform. I located 60 so far, and the way I find knol authors who posted more than 100 knols, I will not be surprised, if their number is in hundreds. It is a very good thing for knol and I hope by end of the year, the number of centurion knollers goes up to 1000 and also page views of each of the authors goes up to a minimum of 100,000. Such a situation will give 100 million page views from these 1000 authors itself and give knol the backbone for success. I request all centurion knol authors to add their name to the list if the name is not there already.


Write knols to support the mission of world days


  Knol Directory of Interesting Knols
Knol Authors can add their knols in the appropriate directory page. The directory system is popular with more than 5000 page views so far. So an entry has the potential to get visitors to your knols.
A Recent Knol Started by me
The knol is positioned as a collection of knollets. It is migration of my blog with a similar title to knol.


Restart The Game 

 Google Knol Marketing

While Google Knol technical team is highly visible through knol help pages and involving authors in discussions, google knol marketing team is relatively silent.
Now the knol technical strength  is of acceptable level, but its marketing side is weak. There is a need for marketing people to come out into the open and involve knol authors in discussions, suggest them some marketing activities and listen to them and start some marketing activities.
There has to be an open discussion on marketing activities of knol platform.
Write your opinions here:
  • Knol should also send an email to all knol authors about various contests that knol is organizing  and ask them to forward the email to their friends. This option is easily available to knol and should be used for promoting such new features.
  • Yesterday I visited google website in the context going through the first quarter 2009 results. I read the profiles of senior executives of google. There various senior executives in product management area, and they claim association with various google products. But nobody is associated with knol. I think, there should be a senior executive who adds knol to his name and stakes his reputation on the success of the project. 
  • Efforts to attract bloggers to try writing knols for appropriate topics have to be made. There can be better linkage between blogs and knols. For all articles where collaborative writing is required bloggers must be encouraged to use the knol platform.

  • A counter to show number of knols written so far can be set up as a knol marketing exhibit.
  • I prefer knol marketing team to come out with a counter of registered authors. It will be exciting to watch the counter change periodically with the addition of each additional author. There can be a link to the last 100 authors or so below the counter. Such things create some action in some existing authors and provide material to knol metrics to analyse and comment upon and take the marketing activity forward.
  • Google knol has to focus on marketing now. (KVSS).
Digg.Com for Promoting Your Knols is a platform for sharing information related to online materials.
Knol authors can use it for promoting knols
Use to promote knols

 Recruit One More Author this Quarter

Knol Authors - Become Active

 Contribute to the Success of Knol Platform
Knols Authors Join in this Endeavor to Make Knol a Success.


Knol Author Foundation

Association of Knol authors promote knol platform and good knol writing practices.



Knol Authors - Become Active - Preserve Knol

Google may starve some projects.
3rd December 2008
Google, the Internet search engine giant, is resorting to austerity measures, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Schmidt , CEO, said the company is “not going to give” an engineer 20 people to work with on certain experimental projects anymore.


Top executives say they remain committed to projects they believe hold long-term potential, but are prepared to “starve” lesser ones.
22 January 2009
These rumors still float around. Every company is into cutting its cost base.

What about knol? Do authors of knol believe in the long term potential of knol?

Knol authors are increasing and knols are increasing. One of the German knollers, "Andreas Kemper recently mentioned that in one day 100 new german authors have registered and large number of hits were there on his knols. He is right because in that week he had more than 19,000 page visits for his knols. May be one of the all time records for weekly visits for a knol author's portfolio.



  •  New Knols .

    For announcing your knols. There is a classfied list and you can write about your knol in the appropriate subject.  This knol is first on google search list for new knols. Hence visitors can find your knol easily if it is recorded in this knol. Your nol will remain on the list for two months. Then also it will be in the new knols list of the month for a long time to come.
       Record your knol in the list   New Knols .
      If we want a knol to be written by somebody, write it in this knol (Request knols here.)


      You can nominate some knols as the best knols of the month and encourage visitors to read them.
       Select the good knols of this month. visit Knolympics: Best Knol of the Month

      Add your name to the lists of authors and make others know you.

      For writing your name if you have completed 100 knols.





Visitors add any other knol about knol and knollers you find it interesting.
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