Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knol - 25 Million Page Views

My estimate is that knol had 25 million page views for first full year of public operations.

I made one more estimate today for the top 800 knols. The page view figure comes to 8 million for the first year. Hence for all the knol articles combined 25 million seems to be a reasonable figure.

Page Views for Top 800 Knols

The estimate of 25 million knols gives an average daily page views of around 0.5 to 0.6. Is it a good page view figure for knol? knol management can determine the answer from its experience of the blogger platform. I do not have any estimate.But I would not be surprised if blogger has 0.1 page views or even less than that for a blog post.

According to me knol page view number will reach one million a day during the second year of operations.

Goal of Knol: Knol Authors 100,000 - Knols 1 million - Top 100 Website

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