Monday, July 20, 2009

Knol - Should it be Closed?

No. Knol has to promoted.

Negative publicity about knol has reduced. But still there are some who voice an opinion that knol has to be killed. They give examples of some poor quality articles as support for their argument.

When the platform is open to public and there is no editing from the platform, there will be wide variations in quality. Existence of some poor quality writing is not the criterion for closing a platform. The provision of quality articles is the reason for the survival and growth of the platform. Knol has developed a quality ranking and there are more than 1000 high quality articles on knol. There are thousands of five star and four star quality articles. There are thousands of article which got more than 500 page views. Even visitor number is more in line with the experience of similar article sites. Quantcast says that US visitors are around 170,000 per day. This number would give around 340,000 visitors for global and this figure is good considering that there are around 230,000 articles at the moment.

Many persons with specialist qualifications and experience are registering with knol as knol has positioned itself as serious article repository. Knol has great future as a knowledge base.

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