Friday, August 6, 2010

Knol is able to Support Social Causes.

Knol article writing platform is contributing to the knowledge and mass communication areas significantly.

Knols authors are publishing very high end research papers, essays explaining the recent scientific theories and concepts, essays useful for classroom learning, essays useful for professionals in various fields, essays for common people to understand various issues and also article that support social causes.

Some of the articles are catching the attention of readers very quickly and within hours of publicatons they get hundred page views. Some of these knols or articles are identified in trending knol collection.

Today a knol is published on meter jam, a protest day in Mumbai against problems created by taxi services. The knol attracted around 70 page views in the first hour of publication.

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis

Thus the social media role of knol is getting fulfilled. Knol authors will support more social causes through their articles in future.

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