Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis 12 August

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis

Knol is doing its bit for promoting this cause. 400 page views are registered so far for this article. More content is being added to provide more information to visitors about the event. More and more twitter messages are appearing supporting the event.

More news papers are covering and NGOs are expressing support.

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  1. I fully suppport the meter jam.
    I have always faced the problem of being charged high when I return from Mumbai airport- the meters are often tampered & we end our trip in arguments and fights for the same. The taxi drivers always argue that we should pay more as they have been waiting in queue at the airport for about 8 hrs (that's not our problem you see!). One of my friends had even faced a situation when she denied to pay the high amount - the driver locked her luggage in the car and demanded that she first pay whatever he is demanding. It was only when she paid the hiked charges that he released her luggage (this was almost at midnight!).
    Also another irony is that these black-yellow cabbies do not allow Merus to queue up outside the airport as was done earlier (one has to call for a Meru now). Pre-paid cabbies are available but they charge a lot more than the Merus. Why does the govt. bow down to these taxi unions and succumb to their demands?
    M. Jadhav