Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wave May Have Had Less Users, But Knol Has Many Users

Many people in social media wrote that knol also needs to be closed after wave.

But none of the people who expressed this opinion gave any estimates of users of knols. Users of knol are authors and as well as readers of knol.

There many authors on knol. Many of them have posted good content and have received good number of visitors to their articles.

We classified knols as trending knols, interesting knols and most viewed knols. There are around 4000 authors who were given most viewed author badges.

Interesting knols could be around 25,000. In a year's time this interesting knol number can reach 50,000.

Knol is a thriving platform and social media commentators have to interact with various members of knol author associations through comments route on knols to know more about knol and then present facts in their articles. We being active knol authors have not come across any comments by these social media writers on our knols.

Reputed Knol Authors Active On Knol

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