Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knol - A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members

Knol is criticized in social media for some of its features. But now a presentation of Knol-author professors in an award event brings out the fact that those features make Knol a unique ICT resource of faculty across the world.

Use of Knol to support the courses at NITIE by three professors was adjudged as the best innovation in the assessment made at the Annual Management Convention 2010 of Association Indian Management Schools.

Faculty members can post their course plans, course materials under their name, add the names of some of their students as coauthors appropriately, encourage their students to post their individual assignments as well as group assignments on knol and make their course learning materials accessible to all the faculty members and students across the globe. Such access of course materials makes it possible assembly of best study materials for any course in future by any faculty member as per his choices. Students of a course can also search the web for resources and suggest or include such resources in the course material of a course.

Thus the knol based course materials provide a spiraling effect to upgrade the quality of course materials available to any learner.

The point was well appreciated by the participants present. This Knol project at NITIE was awarded the Gold Medal.

Knol - A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members

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